Compliant mechanisms play an important role in micro mechanical structures for MEMS applications. However, the positive stiffness of these mechanisms remains a significant drawback. This stiffness can be compensated by including a static balancing mechanism (SBM), resulting in a statically balanced compliant micro mechanism (SB-CMM). This paper presents concepts and simulation results of such mechanisms, which could be applied to MEMS (SB-MEMS). Two categories of SB-CMMs are presented for different situations: the balancing force and travel path are either (1) perpendicular to each other, or (2) parallel to each other. The presented concepts provide compliant mechanisms with a finite zero stiffness range at the start or at a further predefined position of the overall mechanism travel range, respectively. The simulation results confirm the validity and performance of the presented concepts, which have been optimized for further evaluation. Incorporation of these concepts can ultimately result in a reliable, smaller, and energy efficient microsystem, having a larger useful travel range.

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