This paper focuses on the research and development of wire handling devices for microdiameter wires of various sizes. Microsized wires and tools are gaining importance in aerospace technology, medical device manufacturing and in the semiconductor industry. Development of microwire handling devices is complicated and difficult due to the size of the wire and the need for high accuracy for its use. The aim of this work was to develop a compact, robust, and highly precise device. This paper presents a systematic methodology for the development of a high-precision microwire handling device. The device can accurately feed wires ranging as low as 0.05 mm in diameter. The wire handling device must satisfy the following three criteria: (1) it must continuously feed wire without slippage and kinking; (2) it must ensure repeatability with great accuracy; (3) and it must handle wire of various sizes. The device was experimentally tested for initial design failures, high precision, and repeatability. A practical example for laser deposition is presented here to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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