This work addresses on a complete vibro-acoustic characterization of an axial compressor with the aim to foresee the rotor instability. The tests were performed on a turboshaft Allison 250-C18. The compressor is composed of six axial stages and one centrifugal stage. Four vibration signals were simultaneously measured by means of accelerometers, while the acoustic signals were measured by means of two microphones. Two different kinds of tests have been carried out on the compressor that operates at constant speed: in the course of the first test the six signals were acquired at different positions of the throttle opening, whereas during the second test, the signals were acquired while the throttle was gradually opened. The test results show a sensitive increase of the sub-synchronous activity in the accelerometers spectrum map, moreover, closing the throttle, the amplitude of the spectrum components increases. These phenomena can be related to the rotating stall behavior.

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