In this paper, the influence of chaotic motions on ride and comfort was studied through analyzing the vibration acceleration signal. By considering the stabilizer, the rigid-flexible coupling dynamics model of electric vehicle was built. The vertical vibration acceleration signals of the human trunk mass and head mass was acquired by the simulation. Two sets of data were selected according to the data of multiple simulations. In the first set, the vertical acceleration signals of the human trunk and head had the characteristics of chaotic motions, but in the second set, the signals did not have. The chaotic dynamic characteristics of the two sets were analyzed by numerical method. The total weighted acceleration root mean squared values of the two sets were calculated, and the value of the first set was larger than the second. The results showed that the ride and comfort of electric vehicle became worse when the system appeared chaotic motions. The vehicle test was carried out, it is found that the possibility of the existence of chaotic motions in driving an electric vehicle.

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