The kinematic structure of Baranov trusses has been widely studied in the field of mechanism theory. Baranov trusses are seen as the fundamental planar linkages which are a basis for all other planar linkages. As such, they have been used for synthesis of mechanisms as well as their analysis. However, up until now only a limited number Baranov trusses are known and cataloged. In this paper, a method is proposed for generation of Baranov trusses using a new graph representation suitable for linkages of the sort. This method, named the Universal construction rule, is capable of generating a complete set of all feasible Baranov trusses with any number of links. The method has been proven using a mathematical basis from rigidity theory. It is based on the correspondence between Baranov trusses and Assur groups, which are reformulated in terms of graph theory to be known as Assur graphs.

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