Vibration control in launching process is an effective way to improve the dispersion characteristics of Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). In this paper, a novel methodology for MLRS vibration controller design with the application of pulse thrusters and its parameters optimization is introduced. Based on the Transfer Matrix Method for Multibody Systems (MSTMM), the dynamic model of the controlled MLRS with pulse thrusters is established and the launch dynamic simulation system of controlled MLRS is developed. To suppress vibrations of the elevation part using the annularly arranged pulse thrusters, a management scheme based on impulse equivalence approach is presented to adapt the continuous force generated by the PID control law to impulse force. Controller optimization is achieved coupling Particle Swarm Optimization-Genetic Algorithm (PSO-GA) with the established simulation system of controlled MLRS. Finally, the simulation results verify the effectiveness of the proposed controller and demonstrate the engineering practicability value of this methodology.

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