The purpose of this paper is to present a comprehensive multibody system dynamics model of a multiple launch rocket system (MLRS), and implement its simulation and experimental studies. The new version of transfer matrix method of multibody system and the launch dynamics theory are used in deriving the equations of motion coupled with rockets and barrels. The obtained model accounts for the complete process of the rockets’ ignition, movement in the barrels, airborne flight and landing. Launch dynamics of an 18-tube 122mm MLRS is investigated in this paper. Considering the effects of random factors, such as the impact and clearance between the rockets and barrels, the mass eccentricity and dynamic unbalance of the rockets and the thrust misalignment in this model, and combining the Monte Carlo method, the simulation of the dynamics of MLRS is carried out. Finally, the experimental implementation is proposed and the experimental results emphasize the feasibility of the multibody system launch dynamics model as a viable alternative for modeling accurately the dynamics characteristics of a practical MLRS. Meanwhile, the correctness of the numerical results is validated.

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