Lyapunov-Floquet (L-F) transformations reduce linear ordinary differential equations with time-periodic coefficients (so-called linear time-periodic systems) to equations with constant coefficients. The present work proposes a simple approach to construct L-F transformations. The solution of a linear time-periodic system can be expressed as a product of an exponential term and a periodic term. Using this Floquet form of a solution, the ordinary differential equation corresponding to a linear time-periodic system reduces to an eigenvalue problem. Next, eigenanalysis is performed to obtain the general solution and subsequently, the state transition matrix of the time-periodic system is constructed. Then, the Lyapunov-Floquet theorem is used to compute L-F transformation. The inverse of L-F transformation is determined by defining the adjoint system to the time-periodic system. Mathieu equation is investigated in this work and L-F transformations and their inverse are generated for stable and unstable cases. These transformations are very useful in the design of controllers using time-invariant methods and in the bifurcation studies of nonlinear time-periodic systems.

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