In this study, the effect of temperature on the spreading characteristics of ultra-thin liquid lubricant films in hard disk drives (HDD) was investigated by using three types of lubricants, namely, Zdol2000, Ztetraol2000, and A20H2000. The apparent diffusion coefficient of individual lubricants was evaluated and compared by varying the temperature of disk substrates. As a result, it was found that the mobility of each lubricant increases with the temperature. However, the rate of mobility increase is different for each lubricant, depending on the lubricant material. Furthermore, there exists no quantitative correlation between the mobility increase for ultra-thin liquid lubricant films and the viscosity decrease in bulk lubricant materials due to a rise in the temperature. It was also found that among the test lubricants, A20H2000 has the highest robustness for temperature change. In addition, it could be observed that the evaporation of the mobile fraction of lubricants occurred remarkably over a temperature range of 50– 80 °C.

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