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Proceedings Papers

Volume 12: Micro and Nano Systems, Parts A and B

Micro and Nano Systems

Applied Mechanics and Materials

Characterization and Reliability of MEMS and NEMS

Computational Studies on Nanostructures and MEMS

Design, Fabrication, Dynamics, and Control of Micro and Nano Systems

Energy and Power in Micro and Nano Systems

Micro and Nano Devices

Microfluidics 2009: Fluid Engineering in Micro- and Nanosystems

Multi-Scale Engineering in Medicine and Biology

Nanobiomechanical Systems


NEMS and MEMS for Space Applications


Thermal Transport Across Nanoscale Interfaces

IMECE 2009; 993-1001doi:
IMECE 2009; 1003-1010doi:
IMECE 2009; 1011-1014doi:
IMECE 2009; 1015-1024doi:
IMECE 2009; 1025-1033doi:
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