Failure analysis of hybrid integral armor has been performed using finite element method. LS-DYNA3D code has been employed to investigate the response of an integral armor under high velocity impact. A 3-D FE model consisting of the various layers of the armor has been developed and subjected to transient dynamic loading. The analysis is based on actual experiments conducted in a gas gun set up. V50 velocity for a Fragment Simulating Projectile (FSP) has been considered, and the corresponding responses have been investigated to assess the failure of the armor at the ballistic limit. The investigation consisted of three successive studies; first, a base model was developed to have preliminary ideas about the energy absorption and the depth of penetration. Second, interface gap elements were introduced at the rubber interfaces, as the delamination across the rubber layer seemed critical in the failure of the armor. Third, a user defined material model has been introduced to account for the fracture behavior of ceramic. Details of the development of the models, and the analysis of failure are presented in this paper.

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