New heat transfer correlations were developed for two-phase heat transfer in a horizontal pipe for different flow patterns. Flow patterns were observed in a transparent circular pipe (2.54 cm I.D. and L/D = 96) using an air/water mixture. Visual identification of the flow patterns was supplemented with photographic data, and the results were plotted on the flow regime map proposed by Taitel and Dukler and agreed quite well with each other. A two-phase heat transfer experimental setup was built for this study and a total of 150 two-phase heat transfer data with different flow patterns were obtained under a uniform wall heat flux boundary condition. For these data, the superficial Reynolds number ranged from 640 to 35,500 for the liquid and from 540 to 21,200 for the gas. Our previously developed robust two-phase heat transfer correlation for a vertical with modified constants predicted the horizontal pipe air-water heat transfer experimental data with good accuracy. Overall the proposed correlations predicted the data with a mean deviation of 1.0% and an rms deviation of 12%.

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