This paper introduces a novel concept termed Smart Mesoflaps for Aeroelastic Recirculation Transpiration (SMART) to render mass and momentum transfer for controlling shock/boundary-layer interactions (SBLI) in supersonic jet inlets. The SMART concept consists of a matrix of small flaps (sub-millimetric in thickness and of smart material composition), which are designed to undergo local aeroelastic deflection to achieve proper mass bleed or injection when subjected to shock loads. Although positive system performance is achieved using this system, the ‘smart’ part of the SMART is utilized to control the flap deflection to optimize the amount of recirculation (and thus the performance). This Thermally-Activated Smart Material (TASM) design uses NiTi shape memory alloy as an actuator for the flaps to control the amount of circulation. The focus of this paper will be the subsystem modeling of a single flap. After a relatively detailed model is developed, a simpler model is used to approximate the system, and it is shown that this approximation is adequate for control purposes. This model is then validated using step responses as well as closed loop experimental data.

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