In this paper, locally heated closed-loop AuSn solder-line bonding method was proposed and evaluated for a low-temperature, high strength, and hermetic MEMS packaging. We fabricated two different test specimens including substrate-heated specimen and locally heated specimen in order to verify the performance of locally heated method. In air tightness test, the substrate-heated specimen and locally heated specimen show the maximum leak rate of 13.5±9.8×10−10mbar-l/s and 18.8±9.9×10−10mbar-l/s with the same internal volume of 6.89±0.2×10−6l, respectively. In the critical pressure test, any fracture was not found in the bonded specimens at applied pressure of 10±2bar. From these results, we approximately extracted the bonding strength of the proposed bonding process of 3.53±0.07MPa. By EDS (Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer) analysis at bonded interface, we found that bonded interface (between AuSn solder and Ti/Au layer) of substrate-heated specimen was stronger than that of locally heated specimen.

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