Rocket fairings, turbine blades, load carrying structure for solid rocket motor case, inter-stage joint, satellite-rocket joint etc., usually take the shape of conical shell sections. Conical shell has a large load carrying capacity per unit weight due to its high-strength, high-rigidity and light-weight properties. This paper is to evaluate spatially distributed microscopic control characteristics of distributed actuator patches bonded on conical shell surfaces. The converse effect of piezoelectric materials has been recognized as one of the best electromechanical effects for precision distributed control applications. The resultant control forces and micro-control actions induced by the distributed actuators depend on applied voltages, geometrical (e.g., spatial segmentation and shape) and material (i.e., various actuator materials) properties [8]. Mathematical models and modal domain governing equations of the conical shell section laminated with distributed actuator patches are presented first, followed by the formulations of distributed control forces and micro-control actions which can be refined to longitudinal/circumferential membrane and bending control components. Spatially distributed electromechanical microscopic actuation characteristics and control effects resulting from various longitudinal/circumferential actions of actuator patches are then evaluated.

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