A simplified model of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) system with compliant fluid filled syrinx has been constructed, tested, and verified to closely mimic the in-vivo flow conditions observed through MRI imaging of the pathological CSF system with syringomyelia. The model is subjected to a MRI derived CSF flow waveform from a patient with Syringomyelia through use of a computer controlled pulsatile pump. Model geometry, flow waveform, and spinal cord compliance are obtained at three axial locations along the system through MRI image processing techniques. MRI testing was conducted with the syrinx open and closed to the external environment. Results indicate that the internal and external flow waveforms were in opposite directions when the syrinx was closed and in unison when the syrinx was open. The observed flow waveform and compliance measurements closely mimicked the in-vivo case when the syrinx is open to the external environment.

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