Hydraulic position control systems play an important role in industrial automation. This paper explores the application of discrete-time H2-optimal control for a hydraulic position control system (HPCS). By minimizing the H2-norm of the system, the discrete-time robust H2-optimal control both stabilizes the plant and minimizes the root-mean-square of the servo position error simultaneously. The intuitive nature of this advanced approach helps to manage the selection of design parameters, whereas, classical methods provide less insight into strategies for parameter selection and control design. Additionally, the powerful ability to address disturbances and uncertainty in the robust H2-optimal design offers a more direct alternative to the ad hoc and iterative nature of classical methods for the hydraulic servo position system. Computer simulations illustrate the design procedure and the effectiveness of the proposed method. Experimental studies which employ the H2-optimal control on a hydraulic positioning system are also conducted and the results show that the method is suitable for practical applications.

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