To reduce the metal belt’s axial deflection of the metal belt continuously variable transmission (CVT) during the working process, the value of the axial deflection has been calculated by using numerical methods. The precision of two methods to calculate the deflection has been compared. A calculating method closer to the actual situation has been attained. According to the principle of conjugate curves, and with the involute generatrix of the metal belt as example, a solution to the generatrix of the pulley conjugated with it is obtained, and the relation between the pullys generatrix curvature and the pulleys generatrix contact strength is achieved. By changing the metal belt value of the design parameters, the state subject to force between the pulley and the metal belt can be improved. So as to ensure the whole metal belt level transmit in the process of speed changes. Theoretically, the axial deflection can be eliminated completely, and the life span of the metal belt and the reliability of the transmission, as well as the performance of the metal belt CVT can be greatly improved, so as to provide the references for the CVT design.

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