This paper discusses the design, analysis, fabrication and characterization of a MEMS device for nano-manufacturing and nano-metrology applications. The device includes an active cantilever as its manipulator that is integrated with a high-bandwidth two degree-of-freedom translational (XY) micro positioning stage. The cantilever is actuated electrostatically through a separate electrode that is fabricated underneath the cantilever. Torsion bars that connect the cantilever to the rest of the structure provide the required compliance for cantilever’s out-of-plane rotation. The active cantilever is carried by a micro-positioning stage, which enables high-bandwidth scanning to allow manipulation in three dimensions. The design of the MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) stage is based on a parallel kinematic mechanism (PKM). The PKM design decouples the motion in the X and Y directions and restricts rotations in the XY plane while allowing for an increased motion range with linear kinematics in the operating region (or workspace). The truss-like structure of the PKM also results in increased stiffness and reduced mass of the stage. The integrated cantilever device is fabricated on a Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) wafer using surface micromachining and deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) processes. The actuation electrode of the cantilever is fabricated on the handle layer, while the cantilever and XY stage are at the device layer of the SOI wafer. Two sets of electrostatic linear comb drives are used to actuate the stage mechanism in X and Y directions. The cantilever provides an out-of-plane motion of 7 microns at 4.5V, while the XY stage provides a motion range of 24 microns in each direction at the driving voltage of 180V. The resonant frequency of the XY stage under ambient conditions is 2090 Hz. A high quality factor (∼210) is achieved from this parallel kinematics XY stage. The fabricated stages will be adapted as chip-scale manufacturing and metrology devices for nanomanufacturing and nano-metrology applications.

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