This study presents results for flow and heat transfer characteristics of two-dimensional rectangular impinging jets and three-dimensional circular impinging jets. Flow geometries under consideration are single and multiple impinging jets issued from a plane wall. Both confined and unconfined configurations are simulated. Effects of Reynolds number and the distance between the jets are investigated. Results are obtained with a finite volume computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code. Structured grids are used in all cases of the present study. Turbulence is treated with a two equation k-ε model. Different jet velocities have been examined corresponding to Reynolds numbers of 5,000 to 20,000. Results of the three-dimensional cases show that Reynolds number has no effect on the velocity distribution of the center jet. Results of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional cases show that Reynolds number highly affects the heat transfer and values of the Nusselt number. The maximum Nusselt number was always found at the stagnation point of the center jet.

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