This paper presents a mathematical modeling of a modified voice coil generator, which consists of a moving coil within a fixed magnetic circuit. The simulation has been done with Comsol Multiphysics software, which is a powerful tool to demonstrate the pattern of magnetic field and calculate the induced current in the coil. In our simulations, the magnetic circuit consists of the magnetic conductor and the air gap. In this analysis, the magnetic flux density and the magnetic field intensity are calculated. Moreover, through calculation of the total reluctance of the magnetic circuit and employing the ohm’s law for magnetic circuits, the effect of the length and cross section of the total circuit on the magnetic flux are investigated. Finally, a pattern for the magnetic flux density are demonstrated and the simulation result indicates that the magnetic field is well concentrated on the coil area, therefore this prototype can capture and convert most of the kinetic energy to electricity. A prototype has been fabricated and tested on the shaker. The experimental results indicate that this setup is able to produce the maximum voltage of 0.326 V and the peak power equal to 2.605 mW in 35 Hz frequency and 1 mm peak to peak amplitude.

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