In this paper, we present new variation analysis features added to SugarCube. SugarCube is a novice-friendly online CAD tool for exploring the design space of compact MEMS models. Such variation analysis can help to evaluate the bounded effects of unavoidable process variations during the fabrication (such as Young’s modulus, overcut, gap asymmetry, etc.), packaging (such as variations in temperature, expansion coefficients, etc.), and operation (such as variations in voltage sources, etc.). Compared to other software tools for MEMS, the benefits of variation analysis in SugarCube include its comprehensiveness, ease of use, speed, and accessibility. In SugarCube, any geometric, material, or excitation parameter may be easily explored for its effect on device performance. Such analysis is expected to benefit feasibility analyses on process survivability, process yield, and operational robustness. For a couple of test cases, we perform our variation analysis on a micro-scale accelerometer and gyroscope.

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