Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are a promising option for future of transportation. They suggest better fuel economy and less emission compared to conventional HEVs. In this work, a method to find the optimum traction-motor power ratio (TMPR) and speed trajectory for a power-split PHEV is proposed in order to minimize the fuel consumption. The traveling path is divided into several segments. Each segment consists of acceleration, constant speed, and deceleration sections. Also, the route information, such as travel distance, traffic data, the maximum permissible speed, and road grade are known in each segment.

The results of simulation show a considerable reduction in the fuel consumption for different energy management strategies; up to 8% in CDCS, 12.9% in manual CDCS, and 18.2% in blended strategy, using the proposed optimum TMPR and speed trajectory.

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