When agricultural machines are operated on pavements, the vibration and noise caused by the interaction between the tire lugs and the road surface are inevitable. In conventional studies, it is considered that the dynamic behavior of a rolling agricultural tire is influenced by the vibration characteristics of the tire. Resonance occurs when the lug excitation frequency of the tire, which is defined as the lug number multiplied by the number of revolutions of the tire, becomes equal to the natural frequency of the tire. In other words, the rolling tire shows large vibrations in the direction of the natural mode corresponding to the natural frequency of the tire. However, in the conventional equipment, the diameter of the drum is smaller than that of the tire. Therefore, the real running condition on the road was not realized by the rolling test using the conventional equipment. In this study, a new equipment is produced to realize the running condition in the rolling test. The dynamic and vibratory characteristics of operating agricultural machine are investigated by using this new equipment. The obtained results are compared to the conventional ones and the influence of the running condition on dynamic characteristics of rolling tire is investigated.

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