Creativity tools are methods that can be used to promote innovative products and creative actions. There is a wide range of tools available for idea generation, employing divergent and convergent thinking for problem definition, exploration of problem features, generation of solution options, evaluation and implementation of ideas. Fundamental to their effective operation is to make use of a suitable creativity tool for a particular application and individual or team, to aid in the process of problem-solving, the refinement of old ideas, and the generation and implementation of new ideas. The principal creativity tool described in this paper is TRIZ which is the Russian acronym for Teoriya Resheniya Izobretatelskikh Zadatch meaning Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. This paper emphasizes the processes and specific TRIZ tools used in the implementation of TRIZ in the exploration of concepts for tip clearance control in gas turbine high pressure compressors in aircraft engines. The TRIZ process was used to categorize ideas generated through divergent thinking thus reducing the number of ideas carried forward for further engineering analysis.

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