Mean wind pressure coefficient (Cp) is one of the major input data for natural ventilation study using building energy simulation approach. Due to their importance, they need to be accurately determined. In current engineering practice, tables and analytical Cp models only give mostly averaged results for simpler models and configurations. Considering the limitation of tables and analytical models, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) could provide a means for an accurate and detailed assessment of Cp. In this paper, we make use of a relatively high resolution, detailed experiments done at Florida Intentional University to validate a CFD modeling of the pressure coefficients Cp. The results show that existing CFD model has a good agreement with experimental results and gives important information of distribution of Cp values over the surface. The local values of the Cp are investigated. In addition, the CFD derived Cp and discharge coefficient (Cd) values are utilized in semi-analytical ventilation models in order to get a more accurate value of ventilation rates.

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