Photodeformable materials can transform light energy into mechanical energy without electromagnetic noise. Lanthanum modified lead zirconate titanate (PLZT) ceramics are one kind of photodeformable materials. Since light is an environment-friendly, remotely controllable stimulus, the actuation based on PLZT ceramics is green driven and non-contact driven, which has many advantages in micro-driven and structure vibration control. In this paper, light-driven and active control of paraboloidal thin shells laminated with PLZT actuators is studied. Based on the new photostrictive mathematical model of PLZT and mode shape functions obtained using membrane theory, the control equations of photostrictive laminated paraboloidal thin shells are deduced. Active control scheme for the photostrictive laminated thin shell structure is obtained through combining the illumination scheme and the control algorithm. Active vibration control simulation analysis for the two modes of the paraboloidal shell with two actuator configurations is carried out using Newmark-β method. Simulation results show that the control scheme is suitable and effective for the photostrictive laminated paraboloidal thin shell, and the control effect is affected by the actuator configuration.

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