Vibration characteristics of a reciprocating compressor are discussed. To investigate the frequency characteristics in the operation of unhealthy and healthy, we employed the proposed model, which includes stiffness characters about both the connecting and the sliding parts. Expressing the motion of the reciprocating compressor as a rigid body model with eleven degrees of freedom, we numerically investigated the frequency characteristics in operation and the natural vibration characteristics based on a locally linearized method. To examine the frequency characteristics, we carried out vibration tests using a small experimental machine and the eigenvalue analysis based on the proposed model. Comparing the analytical results with experimental results, we found that the proposed model could simulate the fundamental frequency characteristics in operation and the natural modes. Eigenvalue analysis shows that the natural frequencies and modes for a reciprocating compressor depend upon the angle of the crankshaft. In the proposed model, it can express the dominant frequencies occurring during operation and the natural vibration characteristics.

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