This paper demonstrates the importance of the intelligent controllers over the conventional methods. A speed control of the DC motor is developed using both Neural Networks and Fuzzy logic controller in MATLAB environment as intelligent controllers. In addition a conventional PID controller is developed for comparison purposes. Both intelligent controllers are designed based on the simulation results of the nonlinear equations in addition to the expert pre knowledge of the system. The output response of the system is obtained using the two types of the intelligent controllers, in addition to the conventional PID controller. The performance of the designed Neural Networks, Fuzzy logic controller and the PID controller is compared and investigated. Finally, the results show that the neural network has minimum overshoot, and minimum steady state parameters. This shows more efficiency of the intelligent controllers over the conventional PID controller. Also it shows that Neural Networks is better than Fuzzy logic controller in terms of over shoot and rising time. At the end of this paper an implementation of Graphical User Interface (GUI) method is developed. The main purpose of the GUI is to give the users a chance to use the program in a simple way without the need to understand the program languages.

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