To comprehensively reveal the difference of solid fuel fire characteristics at different altitudes, fire experiments of cardboard boxes at multiple static pressures with two configurations filled with shredded office paper were conducted in a low-pressure chamber. The measured parameters are mass burning rate, radiative heat flux, oxygen concentration and heat release rate (HRR) etc. The mass burning rate divided by fire base dimension ṁ/D is correlated against the production of pressure-squared times length-cubed (P2L3) to the power of 0.29 based on current cardboard boxes fire test data. HRR of two boxes fire tests are higher than that of one box fire tests under fixed pressures. However, there are a higher peak of HRR under a fixed higher pressure for one-box fire tests while a lower peak of HRR under a higher pressure for two-box fire tests. The HRR would decrease sharply after reaching the peak.

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