This paper presents the dynamic modelling of a pumping system used in an absorption refrigeration cycle using water-ammonia as cooling fluid. This system consists in a membrane pump (with a membrane made of PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene), powered by a scroll pump, in which two spring-loaded check valves control the flow direction. By having a system of nonlinear differential equations, using numerical methods, it was possible to find solutions and obtain time dependent functions of flow rate (making possible the analysis of the flow pulsation and its behaviors), valves openings, membrane position, in order to better understand the system. In addition, it was possible to generate functions and graphics that shown the relations between changes in variables such as membrane radius and thickness and excitation frequency and amplitude. It was also possible to generate double variable prediction graphics, that could lead to a user-friendly software on future works, which can help on faster and precise design optimization techniques.

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