Municipal District Heating Services and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems can produce waste heat in the form of steam condensate and hot water. The authors have demonstrated (IMECE2014-39066) the potential of open field heating of green roofs to reduce thermal pollution, save potable water, and while increasing plant growth. Subsequent research in both Iceland and New York City using similar systems has resulted in the growth of out of region plants. The latest plant growth results are detailed.

The latest research has indicated additional potential impediments, including the need for an additional CHP system pump. A thorough structural analysis on existing older roofs is necessary to avoid an overstressed roof. Substantial UV shielding of the plastic piping and upgrading of the pipes from braided PVC to PEX(a) was also needed.

The details of selecting an appropriate heat exchanger were analyzed for a specific building and associated construction details are provided.

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