Phonon transport within nanoporous bulk materials or thin films is of importance to applications in thermoelectrics, gas sensors, and thermal insulation materials. Considering classical phonon size effects, the lattice thermal conductivity KL can be predicted assuming diffusive pore-edge scattering of phonons and bulk phonon mean free paths. In the kinetic relationship, kL can be computed by modifying the phonon mean free paths with the characteristic length ΛPore of the porous structure. Despite some efforts using the Monte Carlo ray tracing method to extract ΛPore, the resulting KL often diverges from that predicted by phonon Monte Carlo simulations. In this work, the effective ΛPore is extracted by directly comparing the predictions by the kinetic relationship and phonon Monte Carlo simulations. The investigation covers a wide range of period sizes and volumetric porosities. In practice, these ΛPore values can be used for thermal analysis of general nanoporous materials.

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