The paper presents the design of a smart glove with flexible sensors integrated with wireless technology to measure the signals of grabbing and grasping. The sensor technology is structured into three phases: sensor calibration, amplification and digitizer of the wearable sensors. The real-time raw data is collected, filters are designed to remove the noise and relay the information to the developed application via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth module communicates with an android mobile application through the Bluetooth networks known as the piconets. Piconets use a master/slave model with a Bluetooth module to control and send data that communicates with a smart device. The mobile application sends and receives information to/from the Bluetooth module and the mobile device. This allows the user to analyze the forces applied in each finger for various operations. The interactive glove interfaced with mobile technology provides gesture recognition and maps the finger orientation. The purpose of designing such a glove is to train the user how to improve their hand defense mechanism as the mobile device informs about the multi finger gripper control. To improve the quality of hand rehabilitation, the proposed design can provide physicians an efficient tool to evaluate the recovery of patient’s hand injury.

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