The aim of this paper is to show the functional design of the prototype called Rese_Q01. The characteristics required for this prototype are defined by the competition “RoboCup Rescue”. The competition evaluates robot’s capabilities in four suites: Maneuverability, Mobility, Dexterity and Exploration. In add, the final step of the challenge is the readiness check of system sensors in order to locate victims and dangerous situations. A snake-like architecture, using a modular approach, inspires the prototype Rese_Q01. The robot is composed by a variable number of modules interconnect by multi degree of freedom joints. The modular approach allows configuring the robot in the best way for specific tasks. A specific module can be equipped with different sensors and with a hand effector for specific tasks. Moreover, the modular approach is also employed for the joints. The paper presents the design requirements resulting from the use in post-disaster monitoring operations, the mechanical synthesis procedure and the functional design of the mobile robot. Furthermore, the traction system and the trajectory control are shown.

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