In our daily life, we live by using many resources such as electricity and gas energy, metal products such as automobiles. When imported iron ore or coal from overseas is transported by a conveyor, it drops from the conveyor due to vibration and strong wind during transportation. At present, people are doing cleaning directly using a vacuum car in the place where the track loader cannot enter. When a person performs cleaning work using a vacuum car, accidents such as getting caught in the mouth of a hose or a conveyor might. To cope with this problem, a vacuum robot that performs cleaning work on behalf of people are developed in previous work. However, since the hose for sucking iron ore and coal is hard, these robots cannot move freely. In this research, we developed a vacuum cleaning robot that can transport a hard and heavy hose with a small and light weighted robot. The developed vacuum cleaning robot independently controls the driving part and the suction part, whereby the robot can control the position of the suction port while suppressing the repulsive force of the hose.

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