An experimental investigation on the near field electromagnetic loss of thin copper layers has been presented for applications to multi-chip microsystems with on-chip electromagnetic protection. Copper layers in the thickness range of 0.2 μm∼200μm have been electroplated on the silicon substrates. A pair of microwave transceivers has been fabricated using the 3.5mm × 3.5mm nickel microloop antennas, electroformed on the silicon substrates. Electromagnetic radiation loss has been measured for the copper layers placed between the microloop transceivers, resulting in the electromagnetic shield effectiveness of 10dB∼40dB for the wave frequency range of 100MHz ∼ 1GHz. The 0.2μm-thick copper layer provides a shield loss of 20dB at the frequencies higher than 300MHz, whereas showing a predominant decrease of shield loss to 10dB level at lower frequencies. No substantial increase of the shield effectiveness has been found for the copper shield layers thicker than 2μm.

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