A quenching experiment under top-down reflooding in a vertical tube was performed by adopting the transient hot block quenching test technique. The temperature history on the inner wall of test tube was calculated by using a quasi-steady-state two-dimension numerical technique, and the intersection of double tangent lines was used to determine the location and the time of the quench front. Based on some theoretical models of quenching temperature, at the same time, the effect of flow parameters in the tube during quenching was taken into account, a semi-empirical correlation for quenching temperature under the low pressure and low mass flow rate is presented in this paper. It is as follows:
The parameter range of this correlation is as follows: system pressure: 0.31∼0.88MPa: mass flux: 17.7∼902.kg/m2s; inlet subcooling: 3∼77°C; initial hot-wall temperature: 450∼600 °C.
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