Measurements and monitoring of flow patterns are one of the most important parameters in many industrial processes such as mass transfer in all types of reactors, heat exchangers, and tribo systems. The objective of this paper is to report and analyze the experimental data obtained in the process of development of Computer-Aided Measurement System of flow patterns based on in-situ mixture dynamic parameters. The measurement systems of in-situ parameters are interfaced with a Computer-Aided-Data-Acquisition-System (CADAS). The developed apparatus allowed measurement of the in-situ flow parameters of the mixture simultaneously including concentration and pressures monitored in large and small time scales. Using a previously developed computer-aided-measurement system and electronic sensors, experimental data of in-situ spatial concentration, in-situ gas/liquid velocities, pressures, and other parameters were obtained for steady-state conditions in an adiabatic two phase air-water flow system which consisted of a small square vertical channel.

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