Solar energy systems are becoming potential option for numerous applications. It has been shown that the application of solar energy system is strongly dependent on criteria’s used in their evaluation. Single criteria evaluation of solar energy systems has shown its deficiency due to limited possibility to compare them with other potential options. In particular, present economic system is based on the econometric analysis with priority given to the optimum obtained by the economically justified optimization function. For this reason, it has become needed to introduce multi-criteria evaluation procedure in the assessment of solar energy system and its comparison with other potential options. This paper presents evaluation of the solar photovoltaic system and its comparison with other renewable energy system options for stand-alone application. In this evaluation following energy systems will be taking into a consideration: grid electric energy supply, wind energy system, gas turbine with cogeneration, small hydro energy system and solar photo-voltaic energy system. In the evaluation of these systems the multi-criteria evaluation procedure is used. The multi-criteria evaluation procedure will comprise a following criteria’s: economic, environmental, technological and social indicators. Each of indicators will be based on the sub-criteria which are defined in the paper. The sustainability index as the agglomeration function indicators will be used in the determination of the rating among the options under consideration. Special emphasize in evaluation is given to to the conditional priority of indicators leading to the investigation of the effect of the indicator priority to the finale rating among options.

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