Mechaless LiDAR technology, which does not have a mechanical drive part, has been actively studied in order to increase the reliability of the LiDAR device at low cost and drive environment in order to more actively apply LiDAR technology to autonomous driving. Mechaless LiDAR technology, which has been mainly studied recently, includes 3D Flash LiDAR technology, MEMS mirror utilization method, and OPA (Optical Phased Array). However, these methods have not been developed rapidly as a key technology for achieving autonomous driving due to low stability of driving environment or remarkably low measurable distance and FOV (field of view) compared with mechanical LiDAR. In this study, we investigated the improvement of FOV by using a flux-deflecting liquid lens and a fisheye lens that can achieve fine spatial resolution through continuous voltage regulation. Based on the initial design results, it was examined that the FOV can be secured to 80 ° or more by utilizing a relatively simple fisheye lens composed of only spherical lenses.

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