As the Hard Disk Drive industry migrates from PMR to HAMR technology, it is important to understand differences in the measurement of contact detection between PMR vs. HAMR media. Compared to PMR media, HAMR media tends to be rougher and has a higher thermal conductance. Since some contact detection methods rely on interface heat transfer, it is important to understand the impact of media type on measurements. In the current paper, we present results from mechanical spinstand studies using the integrated thermistor in the head. The heater in the head is dithered at a fixed frequency and the thermistor response is analyzed at that frequency. Changes in the thermistor resistance as a function of head-media clearance are used to understand how thermal conduction differences between PMR vs. HAMR media may impact contact detection. We find that heat conduction is different between HAMR and PMR media types and can have an impact on contact detection.

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