This paper focuses on the optical alignment, packaging and subsequent characterization of a low-loss acrylate polymer arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) multiplexer/demultiplexer. Process, equipment and set-ups used for optical alignment and packaging of the AWG device are presented. The AWG itself was used as a vehicle for the package characterization. The variation of the output optical power versus wavelength for the packaged AWG channels is presented, analyzed and compared with theoretical calculation results. The variation of the packaged AWG center wavelength for each channel with temperature (peak wavelength thermal shift) over a range of temperatures between 18°C and 42°C is analyzed and the test results discussed. The thermal stability of the packaged AWG device, determined by the spectral response measurements over a similar range of temperatures is investigated. During the heating and cooling processes the packaged AWG is subjected to thermal stress. These phenomena are investigated and a thermal analysis (temperature distribution simulation) performed. Finally, conclusions and recommendations for future AWG packaging are presented.

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