A compact flow boiling module was developed for cooling a 100-W class package of about one-inch square in size. The cold plate, where heat is transferred from the package was made with a porous plating inside to augment boiling heat transfer. Heat transfer increased by a maximum of 50 percent when an organic refrigerant HFE-7100 was used, while the conditions for heat rejection to the ambient were kept unchanged. The heat rejection was achieved with an 80-mm fan with a matching corrugated fin radiator, whose effectiveness limits the overall size of the cooling module. The microscopic structure in the cold plate negatively influenced boiling of water, holding large patches of vapor bubbles on the surface. When the convective effect was increased by decreasing the cross sectional area of the channel by 10 times, heat transfer was further augmented approximately by 2 folds, making the use of the organic refrigerant an attractive option as the working fluid.

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