Recently there has been much interest in simulating ion transport in biological and synthetic ion channels using the Poisson-Nernst-Planck (PNP) equations. However, many published methods exhibit poor convergence rates, particularly at high driving voltages, and for long-aspect ratio channels. The paper addresses the development of a fast and efficient coupled multigrid method for the solution of the PNP equations. An unstructured cell-centered finite volume method is used to discretize the governing equations. An iterative procedure, based on a Newton-Raphson linearization accounting for the non-linear coupling between the Poisson and charge transport equations, is employed. The resulting linear system of equations is solved using an algebraic multigrid method, with coarse level systems being created by agglomerating finer-level equations based on the largest coefficients of the Poisson equation. A block Gauss-Seidel update is used as the relaxation method. The method is shown to perform well for ion transport in a synthetic channel for aspect ratios ranging from 16.67 to 1667 for a range of operating parameters.

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