In 2005, IBM released a water cooled heat exchanger product that significantly enhanced data center cooling capability while also demonstrating substantial energy savings. In 2008, IBM released an enhanced water less solution to cool the electronic racks via a R410A refrigerant based vapor compression system, which is the focus of this paper. The paper provides a detailed description of device and coolant loop construction, the experimental thermal data collected, as well as a discussion of its’ cooling energy efficiency relative to both typical air cooled facilities and water cooled heat exchangers, respectively. A data center level case study was performed with experimental measurements collected and discussed herein. Significant energy savings were realized even when the heat exchanger devices were implemented on a small part of the data center. Based on the test data and the experimental data center study, the CRAC units based loops have a COP of 1.95, while the refrigerant refrigerant heat exchanger loop has a COP of 5.0.

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