GM has a vision of future with zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors will be integral part of an all-electric future, due to their excellent power to mass ratio and smaller size, which promises to deliver the zero emission world. Making sure that these motors do not fail abruptly without warning, will also reduce congestion caused on the roads by such incidents. Stator winding health monitoring presented in this article allows to detect a fault at its early stage, which greatly increases the chances of the customer being able to repair electric drive system before it completely fails. We present approach for detecting shorted turn faults in stator winding of permanent magnet synchronous motor. The approach is based on monitoring negative sequence admittance for certain operating conditions. Timely fault detection also allows to take preventive action to limit damage propagation across the electric drive, thus, reducing repair and warranty costs. The research presented in this article also furthers GM’s strategic initiative to develop Vehicle Health Management (VHM) technologies that positively impact customer ownership experiences and drive their long-term loyalty to GM brands.

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