An absorber is a major component in the absorption refrigeration systems, and its performance remarkably affects the overall system performance. A mathematical model for ammonia absorption from a bubble expanding at a submerged nozzle into a binary nanofluid was developed to analyze the effects of binary nanofluid on ammonia absorption in the forming process of a bubble. The combined effects of nanoparticles on heat transfer, mass transfer, and bubble size all were considered in the model. The concentration of nanoparticles, the radius of the nozzle and the flow rate of ammonia vapor were considered as the key parameters. The numerical results showed that the enhancement of binary nanofluid for bubble absorption has the analogous tendency with the mass transfer enhancement of binary nanofluid. The diameter of the nozzle and the flow rate of ammonia vapor hardly affect the enhancement of the binary nanofluid for the absorption of bubble growing stage. The current investigation can result in a better understanding of the absorption process occurring in thermally-driven absorption refrigeration systems.

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