Understanding the temperature and humidity profiles inside a vehicle when the A/C is on during summer is of paramount practical significance to maintain comfortable environment. In this paper, the airflow patterns, temperature and humidity distributions are predicted utilizing a three-dimensional finite volume numerical method and measured experimentally inside the automobile. Numerical analyses of the three-dimensional geometry predict a detailed description of fluid flow patterns. The velocity vectors from the side instrument panel registers impinge on the front occupant’s chest to head then travel forward and finally reach to the rear parcel shelf area. The undesirable returning flow passing by the driver’s head and neck has been observed. The velocity vectors from the central instrument panel registers travel directly to the rear compartment. A recirculation has been observed near the occupant’s knee area of the front compartment and rear compartment. The Temperature comes down to a comfortable range almost linearly at the initial stage. After that no considerable change has been observed. A good agreement has been found between the numerical and experimental results.

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