Research of the micro tube hydroforming (MTHF) process is being investigated for potential medical and fuel cell applications. This is largely due to the fact that at the macro scale the tube hydroforming (THF) process, like most metal forming processes has realized many advantages. Unfortunately, large forces and high pressures are required to form the parts so there is a large potential to create failed or defective parts. Electrically Assisted Manufacturing (EAM) and Electrically Assisted Forming (EAF) are processes that apply an electrical current to metal forming operations. The intent of both EAM and EAF is to use this applied electrical current to lower the metals required deformation energy and increase the metal’s formability. These tests have allowed the metals to be formed further than conventional methods without sacrificing strength or ductility. Currently, various metal forming processes have been investigated at the macro scale. These tests also used a variety of materials and have provided encouraging results. However, to date, there has not been any research conducted that documents the effects of applying Electrically Assisted Manufacturing (EAM) techniques to either the tube hydroforming process (THF) or the micro tube hydroforming process (MTHF). This study shows the effects of applying a continuous direct current to the MTHF process.

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